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USAutos.net services is free to use for private sellers. You will not be billed for any current services. No credit card or payment information is needed to register and list your cars.

Vehicle management:

You may add/edit any vehicle(s) on USAutos.net any time you like. Because we don't have any control over all the web sites we export to and when then pick up our feed and pull it into their site for viewing, and new vehicles added or any vehicle edits in your free account with USAutos.net may not be added or updated by the export sites immediately. Typically, we see a 48 hour time lapse at the most for new vehicles to show, or edits to show. Each site we export to has their own policy for listing vehicles.

Cancellation of vehicles:

You may remove any vehicles from USAutos.net any time you like. Because we don't have any control over all the web sites we export to, deleting a vehicle from USAutos.net does not mean it will immediately be removed from their system. If you find your deleted vehicle on another site not owned by USAutos.net, you will need to contact them to have it removed.


It is the responsibility of the USAutos.net account holder to post sufficient legal disclaimer information and for the removal of sold vehicles from USAutos.net within the time frame specified by applicable law. USAutos.net, nor it's owner, Auto Web Engine, assumes any responsibility for seller compliance with any automotive regulations whether state or federal. USAutos.net is not liable for any errors or issues that arise from the customer.

USAutos.net Network:

Seller vehicles are automatically submitted to AWE’s network of search sites for free, and to any number of web sites that pick up our feed and show the vehicles on their web site.

Corrections/Errors and Omissions:

While USAutos.net personnel and functions follow a careful process in data collection and management, it is possible for an incorrect image/data to be posted. It is the responsibility of the seller to fix the error via the admin, or notify USAutos.net immediately of any incorrect data posts because of an error with our system. USAutos.net will make every effort to correct/remove the incorrect data post within a reasonable time if applicable. Sellers are responsible for their own data accuracy.

Confidential Information:

All code and functions are property of USAutos.net and parent company and may not be shared or sold to any other party without the written consent.

Complete agreement/severability:

This document represents entirety of the account agreement between the parties. In the event any portion of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, that portion shall have no effect on the remaining portions of this agreement. A breech of any portion of this agreement may result in a cancellation of account.

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